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How Easy To Get Car From Eagle Motorsport
How Easy To Get Car From Eagle Motorsport

How Easy To Get Car From Eagle Motorsport

November 22, 2021
How do we do things at Eagle Motorsports?
Let’s walk through the process and let you see just how easy it can be to get yourself in a new vehicle as soon as today!

America is getting back to work and that means that you need a reliable vehicle to get you where you need to go. Whether you are in search of a car for your daily commute, taking your kids to school and all of their other activities, running errands, visiting family, or any other purpose, and you feel like you can’t afford a new car off a factory lot, then it’s definitely time you visited Eagle Motorsport.
Buying a used car in Hobart, Indiana, has never been easy than right now at Eagle Motorsports .We have an incredible range of makes, models, and prices to suit every budget, and our incredible customer service team is dedicating to working with amazing customers like you to find the perfect fit at the perfect price.

A lot of people think they can’t afford a car, either because of their credit score, their past history, the state of the economy, the trade-in, or the fact that they just started a new job. We are here to tell you that those fears are unfounded and that we are the Hobart leader when it comes to used car dealers. We know the industry, we know how tough the economy has been in the past couple of years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we know that honest, hard-working people like you deserve the chance to upgrade your vehicle

Qualifying for a Car Loan

Everyone is on a budget, and we know that adding a car payment to that budget can be a huge strain on your finances. We want to make this part of the process as simple for you as possible so that you can enjoy your new vehicle without having to worry about being able to afford it over the long haul. For that reason, we need exactly two things from you if you want to purchase a vehicle from us.

  • A driver’s license or state identification card
  • Proof of income

That’s it! Buying used cars in Hobart, Indiana, has never been easier! Let’s break down those two items so you know exactly what to expect when you visit the dealership. A valid driver’s license is a must to own and operate a vehicle, but if you are purchasing the car to be delivered or be given to someone else, a state-issued ID card is acceptable.

Now, let’s talk about proof of income.

America has grown way past everyone working a 9-to-5 job, and when you’re looking for used cars in Hobart, we know that your source of income might be something you do from your home office, your garage, your phone, or your front yard! Whether you are working on salary, hourly, or as a freelancer, as long as you have proof of income and at least 90 days on your current job, we are here to work with you. You can bring us paycheck stubs, invoices, bank statements, or even a signed statement from a supervisor verifying that you have been gainfully employed there for the last three months. We are one of the rare used car dealers in Hobart that does not require a credit score! We understand that bad mistakes in your past can badly damage your credit score, and firmly believe that not only does everyone deserve a second chance, but also that the person that had those credit problems is not the same person you are today as you look to make your life better by getting behind the wheel of a new vehicle. For that reason, we consider your job to be your credit – the fact that you are working and making an income is how you’re going to pay for this car now and in the future; for us that’s far more valuable than a credit score talking about what happened in your past!

We accept all types of income, whether it’s from a job, a business, investments that you own, or any other source. The minimum requirement is $1,600 of gross income per month in order to qualify for a loan. So if you are making at least $400 a week before taxes, then you have already qualified for a used car at Eagle Motorsport in Hobart!

Down Payments

Unless you’re buying your car in cash at the time of purchase, we require a down payment on any car that leaves the lot. But don’t stress out! There are two different options that let you fulfill this requirement, and almost everyone who comes looking for a used car in Hobart, Indiana, has the means to qualify! Here’s how you can secure your down payment and get rolling on the process of your next vehicle.

  1. Put $500 down on the car you plan on purchasing. Yes, just $500. We’re not one of those car dealers who demands 10% of your new car’s price. We understand how important money is to our customers and have no interest in bleeding you dry before you even drive the car off the lot. It’s not fair to you and it’s not a good way to do business. That $500 is the way for us to know that you’re serious about entering into a relationship with an honest car dealership for a great vehicle. We take cash, checks, or digital forms of payment.
  2. Trade in your current vehicle and its valid title. If coming up with $500 is something you are not prepared to do, or if you want to include your current vehicle as part of the deal for your new car, then we can kill two birds with one stone! You’ll not only be fulfilling the requirements for qualifying for a car loan, but you’ll also be assisting us in adding new inventory to our dealership. Don’t worry about what condition your trade-in is currently in; as long as you have the title proving that you are it’s current owner, any car will qualify as a trade-in and fulfill this stage of the qualification process. We’ll have our auto experts inspect the car and its systems, check its mileage, let you know what it’s worth, and that money can also go to reducing your overall purchase price. It’s a win-win situation across the board for us and for you. We have a lot of customers who come to Eagle Motorsports afraid that their car will not qualify for the trade-in, but let us reassure you that we’ve seen it all! There is value in every single vehicle, even those that have more than 100,000 miles on them or have systems in need of repair. Even if your vehicle is not running, we can make use of its parts and still qualify you for a replacement vehicle. We believe that every car is beautiful!
Avoid the Big City Dealers!

One of the things people love about living in Hobart is how close it is to so many of America’s major metropolitan areas. We’re just 25 miles from Chicago, 100 miles from Milwaukee, 130 miles from Indianapolis, and 150 from Madison! While those cities are amazing to visit, they also are going to charge you A LOT more for a vehicle than the deals you can get on used cars right here in Hobart, IN. We have lower costs than those big dealerships, we pay less in property taxes, the cost of our lot, and the expenses that we pay for the transport and maintenance of our cars, and we pass those savings on to our customers. We all know how expensive real estate is in Chicago, right? If you own a lot in the big city, your overhead is through the roof, and those costs are funneled into their car prices to get that money back! Additionally, cars at big-city lots suffer from extended exposure to air pollution that can deteriorate the quality of their paint jobs, their tires, and their molding. All that smog and exhaust from millions of cars and industrial plants is wearing down the lifespan and the resale value of those vehicles before they even leave the lot.

Out here at home in Hobart, we don’t have those types of worries and we like making our business about the relationships we form with our customers and being a part of the community. We offer custom warranties that suit your needs and provide Carfax reports for every vehicle upon request. There are no hidden fees, no shady practices, and no attempts to do anything other than getting you in the best vehicle at the best price. We are redefining what it means to be used car dealers in Hobart. We don’t just want your business today and tomorrow, we want to be there for you in the years to come and become part of your family, the same way we consider you part of ours!

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